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Men Are Streaming On Gay Chat Sites To Pay For College

With the rising cost of college and living expenses, students are always looking for creative ways to make some extra money. Some college aged men have started streaming themselves, often naked or masturbating, on gay chat sites.

How Does It Work?

College men who stream on gay chat sites will have a webcam set up to stream live video to users of their chat site, like Gay Chat. Streamers will often put on a show while they are on their webcam, where they will show off their nude bodies, masturbate, or have sex with members of their chat site.

This is a growing trend among college men in the United States, and is especially popular among men who are attending college, but also happens at other times. College aged men will stream their webcam and talk to users of their chat site, but don’t necessarily have to be gay, as there are some who stream with just one member of the opposite sex.

How to Join

College men will register on a gay chat site. They will sign up, enter their name and a few photos of their face, and then they will add their webcam, microphone, and video.

Users of the chat sites will often like the streaming, but sometimes don’t know the person is streaming. If they get off on seeing men naked or masturbating, they will often join in on the stream, either by talking dirty to the men who are streaming, or they will call other men of the chat site, and arrange to watch together, or have sex with them, if they want.

College men can make money by streaming themselves on a gay chat site, but you will have to work hard to make the money. A lot of users make just enough money to cover the cost of their internet connection, but others make enough to pay for food and even their college tuition.

The top earners on chat sites are usually men who stream for several hours a day. The streamers have a large following on their chat site, and can make around $500 to $2,000 a month, with some earning over $5,000 a month.

As with all forms of sex work, the job is difficult and some college men will even quit after a few months, but the thrill of making some extra money, and having more followers than they did at school can be enough to keep them motivated to keep working on the job.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money while you are at college, this may be a good job for you, but you will have to be willing to put in a lot of time to make a lot of money.

Men who stream on gay chat sites are just one of the many ways that college students are finding creative ways to make some extra money while they are at school.

Final Thoughts

While college men who are interested in streaming on gay chat sites may be willing to work hard for their money, they should understand that this may not be a stable job.

Sometimes the men who are streaming will lose their connection, and not be able to stream their webcam and microphone. Some men have also reported that they were banned from streaming on their chat site for doing things they didn’t understand.

With these challenges in mind, you should make sure that you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to make some extra money while you are in school.

Students Turn To Sex Work To Pay Student Debt

So you’ve racked up hundreds or thousands of dollars in student debt — and maybe you’re finally on your way to paying it off. But what if your options for a cheaper way to pay your loans are as a sex worker?

That’s the reality for a lot of college students, who are more likely to be in debt than not and are turning to escort apps like Skip The Games, cam sites like Chaturbate, and sites like OnlyFans to pay for school, according to a forthcoming report by NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

How Escort Sites Work

On one of the biggest companies in this space, SkipTheGames, the majority of its escorts are college students. According to its site, more than half of its users are between 18 and 24. The site, which has been in business for more than a decade, is one of the largest escort sites in the world, with more than 6 million registered members.

“A lot of people are willing to pay to have a girlfriend experience,” said a young women who works as an escort for the site. “With this company, it’s easy. You just go on some dates, decide who you want to sleep with, and they pay you.”

The woman said that the company pays on a commission, and she takes $100 to $250 per hour.

She said she gets paid for her time, not for sex. According to the woman who works for the site, the men who hire them are more interested in her company than just sex.

“Men are willing to spend a lot more money because they can pay for everything,” she said. “They are willing to pay more because they don’t care.”

While a lot of the escorts on Skip The Games are women, the company says it’s also a popular site for women who want to hire male escorts for sex.

How Many College Students Turn To Escort Sites?

More than one in five college students have used an escort service to pay for tuition, the report says. It also found that college students who are in debt use sex work to cover their loans, and the companies that provide sex work are more than happy to recruit them.

The report, titled “Sex Work as a Way to Pay for College,” paints a bleak picture of how many college students are living with debt, and what it means to them. NAFSA surveyed more than 3,000 college students — about half of them women — about their financial situation.

Here’s what it found:

  • One in three college students was in debt.
  • College student debt was highest at the University of California-Los Angeles and University of California-San Diego, where it was at 31% and 27%, respectively.
  • Only 10% of students went without meals to pay for tuition.
  • The majority of students surveyed said that they spent more on tuition than they expected.
  • Nearly one-quarter of college students surveyed said that they used sex work to pay for school.

The report, which will be published next week, says that financial uncertainty created by student debt makes it more likely that college students will resort to sex work.

“In the context of student debt, sex work may provide a sense of control,” the report says.

Even if college students aren’t in dire financial straits, the pressure to pay off their debt can have serious consequences.

“I’m in school and I’m spending all my time and all my money trying to pay off my loans,” one college student told NAFSA. “But I’m not making any money.”

She said she makes “tens of thousands of dollars” a year working, but still doesn’t feel like she’s making enough to live.

“I don’t feel like I’m getting ahead because I still have to pay off this debt,” she said. “And I’m not getting ahead. I feel like I’m stuck.”

Why Are So Many College Students in Debt?

The student debt crisis is so bad that it’s affecting the economy in ways we didn’t expect.

Since the recession, the economy has been growing but the wages of the average American have been stagnant. College students are one of the groups that have seen their wages go down, according to a report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

College graduates have seen the median wage of their age group decrease by nearly $1,000 from 2008 to 2018, according to the report.

The report blames the decrease on student loan debt.

In 2008, students graduating from college were earning an average of $35,500 a year. That number has dropped to $29,800 now, according to the report.

How can we solve the student debt crisis?

This debt crisis is solvable. The American education system needs to be reformed and universities need to be made tuition-free.

Education should be accessible for all. And colleges and universities should be forced to prioritize the needs of their students and not their profits.

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