Organize one of the many events listed below or do something completely different! The important thing is to let this day of action bring forward the voices, demands and ideas of our generation; it’s time to speak for ourselves. This means we need to hear from youth and students in your area!

  • Hold a Demo/Rally at a School or Community Recruiting Station to declare a “Not Your Soldier” zone
  • Offer Solutions! Organize an “alternative” recruitment fair – invite college recruiters, local unions, job recruiters, activist organizations and others to table and show the alternatives to the military
  • Demand a Meeting with your school administration to discuss your specific demands (if they don’t agree organize a petition drive or demonstration to make sure they do!)
  • Get creative! Organize a concert, open mic or party with music, poetry, theater and art against military recruitment!
  • Host a Forum or Debate on Military Recruitment! Invite community activists, teachers and parents to come listen to young people talk about their experiences, ideas and opinions on military recruitment, the poverty draft and the war!
  • Be Visible! Set up a table, do sidewalk chalking, create a public graffitti wall, do a banner drop – let people know what young people really think about the war, military recruitment and the kind of future we want for our generation!

Don’t Forget – Invite school administrators, teachers/professors, community leaders, city officials, etc. to whatever activity you plan!


The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition wants to amplify your voice and your demands. Tell us your story, announce your event, and we’ll help get the word out to the media and other youth and students. We’ve found the website to be a great tool for activists. Check it out! Coming up at, under the category Books Not Bombs, you will be able to:

* Register your Not Your Soldier event
* Learn about/connect with other Not Your Soldier events around the country and in your area
* Download upcoming resources, images for posters, sample press release, and more.
* Share the resources you’ve created

Counter Recruitment websites you need to see!

American Friends Service Committee
Counter (a news site)
Fellowship of Reconciliation “I Will Not Kill” Campaign
National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth
Not Your Soldier Training Camps
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Demilitarization Guide
Student Peace Action Network
United for Peace and Justice Counter-Recruitment Working Group
War Resisters League