The “National Student Strike for Books Not Bombs,” will take place tomorrow, March 5th on campuses across the US and the world.  Tens of thousands thousands of US students will stop participating in business as usual for some part of the day to demonstrate to the world that the campuses do not accept the Bush vision of endless war decreased opportunity.

“We’re not going to sit around while we watch ourselves get priced out of education,” said Ben Waxman, a 17-year old student from Philadelphia.  “We’re going to resist.”

As of Sunday evening, 230 high school and college campuses have pledged their support for this day of national student resistance, with new school registrations continuing to pour in each minute.  Organizers expect 300 campuses organizing a local strike or walkout.

Local participants are planning a diverse array of tactics including teach-ins, sit-ins, rallies, banner-drops, puppet shows, snowball fights, and of course, strikes and walkouts as they call for their campuses and government to serve education instead of war.

Students will walk out of classes all over New York City during the morning, and a final convergence point will be a massive rally at Hunter College at 2:30 pm.  Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles schools will also hold city-wide student rallies.

At many convergence points, youth and students will take a “vote” to stop the war and increase funding for education.  The ballots will be counted and sent to congressional representatives to underscore the message.  “We’re excerising our electoral power while taking direct action,” said Waxman.

Resources for press, including an updated list of campuses and local organizer’s contact info are available on the NYSPC’s website at:  See the New York Time’s weekend story on the strike at: 

The “National Student Strike” event is coordinated by the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC).  The call for a student strike has been taken up by students in Canada, Spain, Australia, the UK, France,Bulgaria, Switzerland, and elsewhere.