Month: April 2020

NYSPC Statement

Due to recent domestic and international events related to Bush’s “war on terrorism” we feel the need to expand on our principle opposing a U.S. military response and in support of a foreign policy based on social and economic justice not military and corporate oppression. This statement is a working document but was created to address recent atrocities caused by U.S. military aggression and foreign policy.

NYSPC opposes:

  • U.S. military occupation and modern day colonialism including: foreign control of land, water, agriculture, infrastructure, and governance; as well as U.S. financial and political support of another government to do
    thereof (i.e. Vieques, Philippines, and Palestine)
  • U.S. military offensives and retaliation against entire nations and groups of civilians in the name of attacking individual “terrorists” and “terrorist networks” (examples include but are not limited to:
    Afghanistan, Palestine, North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran, etc.)
  • Ethnic cleansing and genocide-Use of the military to block humanitarian and medical aid for civilians, block access to press and international observers and to destabilize and destroy communication systems
  • Defining “terrorism” as exclusively individual attacks on civilians while sanctioning state ordered police and military terrorism of civilians. NYSPC opposes both state and individual acts of terrorism and the depiction of whole nations of people as “terrorists”.
  • Massive incarcerations and detentions of civilians by police and military


National Student Strike


NYSPC has been in contact with student and youth movements from across the globe and is excited to announce that participation in the March 5th National Student Strike for Books Not Bombs is going to be much larger than we thought. 
So far, we have received confirmation from the Spanish Students Union and the national organization: Students Against Sanctions and War in Canada that the strike will be taking place nationally in those countries.

We have also been in contact with students in the UK, Austraila, Brazil, Mexico and the EU about interest in the March 5th strike. We will provide a full list of countries and campuses involved when it is ready.

NYSPC welcomes the solidarity and participation of our brothers and sitsters outside US borders and we call on other nations’ youth and students to take up the call as well.  Feel free to re-write the call to action so it reflects your own national and local demands.

If you are involved in a student or youth movement outside the US, contact us to register your participation in the strike.  Our Spanish-translated version of the call to action and other resources are available here.

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